Art of Noise

The Seduction of Claude Debussy.
It’s an album I’ve been listening to it for the entire afternoon, trying to block out thoughts that don’t revolve around extendible hashing and query optimisation. I’ve been addicted to Debussy for about a year now, ever since I saw ‘All About Lily Chou-Chou” at the Brisbane International Film Festival, and I have yet to grow tired of his work. Much of the music in Lily is inspired by Debussy pieces, with several being used directly.
I probably got my first taste of “furniture music” with the Endorphin track “Satie 3” which is directly inspired by Erik Satie’s ‘Trois GymnopĂ©dies’. It was that track that really got me into Endorphin, and I was lucky enough to see him live for the second time at the beginning of the year. His live shows are fantastic, extremely visual, which adds to the whole experience. Ok so I got a little off track there. My mind tends to wander easily when I’m avoiding study. Debussy’s piano pieces my favourites and are also the best to study to, in particular I like ‘Claire De Lune’, ‘Arabesque’ and ‘The Girl with the Flaxen Hair’ (which all happened to feature in Lily, coincidence?). They all give me something, which I can’t quite explain, but that never fails to move me (and strangely help me concentrate). I don’t know what it is about turn of the century French composers, but as far as study music goes, they are the best.
The Art of Noise album is interesting, it’s got some great ideas, some great tracks, and of course it is influenced by Debussy’s work, so the underlying musical themes are close to perfection. Some of the tracks jar a little (they are very eclectic) and so it’s probably not the best album to study to, but hey I’ve just written this entry, so all I’m doing is procrastinating anyway. It’s probably time to get back to work now though. I can’t wait till tomorrow afternoon; one test down, one more to go.

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