I contemplated blogging from work today. I had come up from the rec room after being soundly beaten at pool (boo) and I didn’t really feel like getting stuck right back into documentation, so I pondered whether the IT guys would consider blogging as “work related internet usage”. For some reason I doubted it. I just surfed pages on backpacking instead. I’ve got to work again tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that, but if it means I can eat tasty things in Japan then I’ll gladly put up with it!
My test went well yesterday. No surprise questions, nothing I absolutely couldn’t answer, all is good in the world of relational database systems. Only one more really small (30%) exam left (for Business Research Methods) and I’ll be free! Free for this semester at least, free to forget about my thesis for a while and go party in Japan. I haven’t been to any of the lectures for this test since week 3 (it is a business subject after all) but if I do some study on the weekend I should be right. My 40% assignment mark should have been released today, but it’s not up on the website yet. Not that I really expected anything better from the Uni.
Meanwhile half my friends are at a LAN, and have been for the past three days. It’s so very annoying becuase they are sitting on IRC and I’m sitting on IRC, and I’m trying to study, and they are playing games, or doing other “fun” things as the case may be. As I type it seems that Bull is about to head over to the LAN as well. Oh and Chris ate a yogo in 30 seconds, I think Wulfen’s comment “the fatty” sums it up best. I probably shouldn’t blog and read IRC at the same time, everything gets crossed over.
We still haven’t got anyplace booked to stay in Japan (other than Obama, where we are all staying with our friend Sugoi, and paying by means of walking the landlady’s dog). Hopefully we get that all worked out soon, otherwise it’s a capsule hotel for us! The closer we get, the more disorganised we seem.