Wasted Day

I accomplished nothing today. Capping off an extremely busy week was a totally unproductive Saturday. I was planning on doing some study for my test next week, but that never eventuated. “There are still too many days to go.” I keep telling myself, and thus keep putting it off. I was also planning on working on some stuff for the trip, considering that this time next week I’ll be in Japan. There is still a lot to be worked out, and I’m quickly running out of time to organise things (or at least go and buy them when I realise I will probably need them). No I didn’t do anything except lie in bed for most of the day and read a book I’ve already read twice before. A relaxing way to spend a day I guess, but can’t afford to relax at the moment. At least I’ve finished the book, so I can’t waste all of tomorrow reading as well.