Big in Japan!

Yes… I am big in Japan.
Well, at least, I am in Japan. I finally got around to jumping on the net (obviously). I have been here almost a week and have been so increadibly flat out it isn’t funny. When I get back I’ll do up a proper ‘JAPAN TRIP’ page, with pictures and full descriptions and the like, but for now let’s just say that it’s very fucking cool.
Or hot, as the case may be. The humidity here reminds me of Summer back home, except that it’s Winter back home now and I had gotten used to the cold just as I left.
Anyway I’m sitting here in a little webcafe in the middle of Tokyo. I had meant to do an update as soon as I arrived, but yes… busy, busy, busy. I managed to shoot off one quick email to my Mum from the Obama city hall (long story) but that’s about all the net access I’ve had since I arrived. All my friends are good, we are holding up well. Dumped all the Australian stuff we bought for Jarod off, so our packs are much lighter now. Rode the Shinkansen today to get into Tokyo, crossed about half of Japan in about three hours. Then spent half an hour wandering around the immense train station trying to find our way to where we are staying. We are all checked in now, but our friend Nash (who left Obama a day before us to meet up with a friend of his) hasn’t arrived yet. He will show up sometime though.
I apologise if this sounds a little disjointed. It’s almost 9pm, I haven’t had any dinner yet, and I’ve only got half an hour left to use this computer. So while I’m typing this I am also emailing friends back home, checking my University results (aced that InfoSystems subject), and doing all the little chores that build up in a week when you are away.
Anyway I had better sign off. Expect some more stuff from me soon.

2 thoughts on “Big in Japan!

  1. I’m so totally jealous Michael. 😛
    Hope things continue to go well for you – and I’m greatly looking forward to the complete ‘Michael Goes to Japan’ trip website. 🙂
    Take it easy.


  2. Hey Mike, glad to see that Japan is treating you well. We just got back from the Snowy Mountains. Perisher was awesome – it turns out I can actually ski! (Believe me, I’m as surprised as you are). Hope you guys are all kicking arse over there. Stay cool, Alasdair.


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