Tired in Japan.

Firstly thanks to everyone who left feedback or who emailed me privately. I really appreciate all of your comments. Unfortunately I haven’t got the time (ie the yen) to respond them them individually, so I’m just saying a great big thank you here and now.
I’ve been keeping a paper diary, where I record the crazy events of each day. This will eventually become the main source for my big, involved, ‘JAPAN TRIP’ page. I also bought myself a really cheap digital camera (for 22800 yen). It’s one of the tiny Sony Cyber-shot U cameras. I’m pretty happy with it, very quick and dirty, but that’s a good thing considering most of this trip is quick and dirty. In the two days since I got it I have completely filled up my memory stick and I can’t upload from these computers. Expect plenty of photos though, becuase I’m going to buy a new 256 meg stick which should last me quite a while.
Anyway I’ve only got 5 minutes left; just enough time to tell you about my plans for Wednesday. I’m going to visit the Studio Ghibli Museum and Gainax Studios! Both of them just happen to be within 5 minutes walk of Mitaka Station, which is on the Chou line. Our Youth Hostel is at Iidabashi station, also on the Chou line, in fact only about 10 minutes from Mitaka! So yes Wednesday is going to be very cool. Have pre-bought tickets to the Ghibli Museum (you need to) so everything is organised there…
Woops time to go. Catch everyone later.

2 thoughts on “Tired in Japan.

  1. Jealousy.. overwhelming… Gainax… AND… Ghibli? Lucky bastard 😛
    Definitely looking forward to hearing about this adventure.


  2. Mike! Looking forward to the photos. Sounds like you’re having an excellent time. Btw, when you buy the memory stick, can you yell ‘GOT ITEM!!!!’ at the cashier, just for old times sake? Hahha.


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