Home at last

Well I made it. After a month on the road (on train as it were) I am now back on Australian soil. We flew out of Kansai airport Sunday night, and finally arrived at the Gold Coast around seven Monday morning. I’ve been talking pretty much non-stop ever since.
My older brother was home when I got back, so I spent about two hours telling him tales and answering his questions. Then mum called home from work, and I spent another half an hour talking to her. Then I took a two-hour break and watched the last two episodes of 24 that my brother taped for me. Then mum came home from work early and I spent about three hours talking to her. Then LittleWing rang and we tried organising something for the night (I didn’t have net access, Ads taking his modem back after about three years). Then I had dinner and talked to mum some more. Then LittleWing rang back and told me our dinner plans had fallen through, so I spent about three hours talking to her. Then I promptly fell asleep.
So many stories to tell.
I am definitely going to write up a full account of my journeys as soon as possible. I’ve really enjoyed talking to everyone since getting back about it, but there is just so much to tell and I am already beginning to forget things. I’m at Uni now, catching up on things, but later in the week I’ll try to get something up, even if it is just a rough sketch outline of where we went and when.
Anyway I’m still really tired. So I’m going to go home and make a start of reading all the mail I received while I was away.