Australia is boring

I’ve got the post trip blues.
This coming semester of University is going to be one of the most tedious, and yet most difficult, of my student career. I have a thesis to finish (*cough* start *cough*) writing, but the rest of my courses are essentially no-brainers. That in itself is bad enough, but I’m just coming off the cusp of one of the best months of my life, and six months from now I’ll be setting off again for what (I hope) will be one of the best years of my life. I’m looking at it as a six month sojourn, a time between times, when I will muddle through what has to be done, but will always be thinking of what comes next. I want to be back in Japan.
In other less angsty news, the pillow fairy came while I was away and brought me nice new big pillows for my bed. They are great. After living with crappy rice filled death-log head rests for a month, I’ve had a great couple of nights sleep. Just thought people might be interested ^_^
Anyway I’ll have my trip report up sometime soon (just thinking about going over all those memories again makes me depressed, wanting to be back there). I’ve almost finished taking care of everything I missed during the last month (paid off my credit card this afternoon) so in a couple of days it will be business as usual. Until then, be patient!! ^^