Moving, just keep moving…

Fragma came and picked me up Friday night. I hadn’t seen him for months (even before I went away), so it was good to catch up. I brought along my premium duty-free alcohol, he bought some really cheap stuff, and we sat around drinking, watching anime, and swapping stories well into the night. Nothing much had changed in his world these past months so I did most of the talking. Sometime later that night (or the next morning) we crashed. I had forgotten how good it is just to hang out.
On Saturday we met up with Mr G, picked up Nash, and went cruising out to Mt Glorious. Fragma had some boost problems with his 180sx, but G’s seemed to be running fine. Both 180’s made short work of the mountain road, with the only problem being caused by a big ditch across the driveway into the park at the top of the mountain, which scraped up the front of Fragma’s car as it came in. The drive was refreshing, and it really drove home how different Japan is to Australia (excuse the pun). Fifteen minutes out from Mr G’s place, over a small mountain, and we were driving through farmland. Along great stretches of grassland with cattle grazing, then up through hills covered with Aussie scrub. I think I am going to miss this place after all.
Today was a day of getting organised. Cleaning up, finally putting away my backpack (which has been sitting on the floor of my room since I got back), and throwing away all the junk that accumulated while I was away. I’m tying up all the loose ends that resulted becuase of the trip, and I hopefully should have it all done before I go to bed tonight. I also should have a brief outline up of where I went while in Japan. It won’t have pictures, it won’t have big descriptions, but it will be something.