Benkyo! Benkyo! Benkyo!

I did some work today.
For the first time since getting back I actually sat down and spent a good couple of hours studying. Caught up on all the Business Policy and Strategy work I needed to do, and read through my Advanced Database Systems lecture notes as well. I’ve now pretty much broken even for the first three weeks of Uni, am up to date with everything I need to be up to date with… except for my thesis. Well not so much my thesis itself, but rather the project I’m supposed to be writing about. Content Based Music Similarity sounds good in concept, and it actually works surprisingly enough, but I’m really struggling to find the energy (or concentration) to sit down and write some code to take all these digital signals processing algorithms we’ve created and combine them into one single application. I’ll get around to doing it sometime, just not today.
For those who don’t know, I’m currently enrolled in a dual degree, a Bachelor of Engineering (majoring in Software Engineering) and a Bachelor of Business Management (most probably majoring in Electronic Business, but maybe just Business Economics) at the University of Queensland. I’m currently in my fourth year, and as a result of some serious subject overloading along with some rather specific subject choices, I will have completed all the requirements needed to graduate from my BE at the end of this semester. That will still leave me with another year to do in order to finish off my BBusMan degree, but I will be on exchange then, so I’m not really thinking about that at the moment.
It’s funny to think that come the end of the year, I’ll be a qualified engineer (though of course not professionally accredited by the Institute of Engineers until I’ve got a couple of years experience under my belt). It’s even stranger to think about still attending full time Uni, studying like everyone else, but having the qualifications I need to get a great engineering job. Sometimes I wonder why I bother. Of course if I get a great job offer overseas I might just ditch Business, or at least only do it part-time. It’s only really going to come in handy five years down the track (when I’m hopefully fast-tracking it up the management ladder). Of course then there is always the possibility of further post-graduate study. Assuming I don’t royally stuff up my Thesis and I graduate with first class honours, I can pretty much walk onto the PhD program at UQ (and presumably most other places). Nash is has just started his Doctorate, so he is committed for another two years at least. I’m not sure how I feel about adding another couple of years to the five I will have spent if I graduate from everything I’m enrolled in at the moment. I’ve been in some form of formal education for more than 15 years; do I really want to push that towards the 20 year mark? Some people only do the 10 minimum required by law.
All of these questions I’m putting off thinking about for the moment. I need to finish this semester first. I’ll worry about them when I have to make the decisions. For now I’m just going to get stuck into my work. Study! Study! Study!
Actually maybe I’ll just watch some more anime ^_^

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  1. So I was feeling down about australia and searched google fo “Australia is boring”. Amazinglyu only 17 siutes came up – you are really one of only 17 sites in zillions to use those words!!
    Anyway, good luck with the thesis and all that.


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