Right Now

I can’t publish my blog. I haven’t been able to publish my blog for almost two weeks. I’ve written a couple of entires, but I’ve been too busy lately to actually sit down and work out what the problem is. I’ll fix it soon, and then you will have a sudden hit of blog goodness.
I’ve been spending way too much money playing Initial D – Project D recently. I bought a new card Friday, a new car, an AE86 this time, and started from scratch building up the upgrades. I’m about 10000 points away from getting the Group A Engine for it, which is really when it comes into its own (I can’t drift like Takumi, I need the speed). So I pumped in close to $40 and played for about two hours. I’ve been practicing Akina downhill, but I don’t come anywhere close to Fragma’s best time on that track, which is around 3:07.
I really need to start writing my thesis ^_^
Right now I’m listening to Van Halen’s “Right Now”.