Hybrid Rainbow

A couple of days ago I was asked to briefly explain my thesis topic on one of the forums I frequent. I don’t think I’ve gone into detail about my project here yet, so here is the description I gave on the forum.
Content-Based Music Similarity.
To steal a passage from my thesis abstract: “The fundamental purpose of this project is to develop a system by which music similarity can be measured based solely on the content of the music itself. This system will analyse the inherent characteristics of musical pieces and use that to compare songs, independently of any metadata that may exist. It will allow a database of music to be quickly and efficiently scanned to identify similar tracks.”
Basically there is a whole lot of digital signals processing stuff involved in producing signatures for pieces of music which not only uniquely identify the piece but also relate specific characteristics of the musical structure (tempo, beat, rhythm, etc…) Once you have those signatures then it’s a fairly simpler matter to calculate the similarities and difference between them and then you can do all sorts of cool stuff. Genre grouping, instrument matching, identifying covers of a particular track, taking a seed song and producing a full DJ set, etc… etc… etc…
All the DSP stuff is done, and I’ve almost finished coding up the base framework which utilises the DPS stuff (I’m not going to go into detail about that; to put simply it involves calculating the Mel-Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients, which is really just the coefficients of the Fourier transform representation of the log-magnitude spectrum of a signal, and then using K-Means clustering to group certain spectral traits together.) Now I just need to develop the final application that I’m going to demo at the innovation expo at the end of the year. Oh yeah, and write my thesis ^_^
In other news, I’m going to see a performance of a play written by my friend Calivn next week. It’s called “Vodka and Condoms” and I know it’s going to be great (I’ve read the script). Calvin’s been coming around a lot recently, which is great. I’ve been slowing introducing him to the myriad forms of anime; we watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind on Monday, and I also showed him some Azumanga Diaoh. He is obsessed with Ranma, RANMA!, but wants to see more of Miyazaki’s work after I took him to see Spirited Away earlier in the year.
I’m going to play more Initial D tonight. Meeting up with Fragma and rurouni so we can throw away some more of our cash. Wednesday night is pretty deserted down at the arcade, so we shouldn’t have a problem getting on the machines. I’ve run out of music to listen to in the car, so until I get around to burning off some new sets, I’ve gone back to my anime CDs. I’ve got FLCL Addict out now, and I think it will be my CD of choice tonight. I’ve got all The Pillow’s albums, and most of them are great, but the tracks on this OST bring back memories of when I first saw the show, and the powerful feelings I associate with it. Can you feel that hybrid rainbow?