I’m back!

Thanks to my good friend Scuzzy, I’m back. My original host changed its settings, meaning that I could no longer FTP into it in passive mode, I have to use active mode. Meanwhile Blogger only FTPs in passive mode. So basically it meant that I couldn’t use the two together anymore. Scuzzy has provided me with some webspace though, and it works fine with Blogger, so now I’m back!
A whole lot has happened in the two and a half months I’ve been out of touch. I’ve finished my thesis! My last exam was yesterday! There are less than two months before I head off to the UK! And overall everything has just been really hectic. I’ll start filling in the gaps of what I’ve been doing while the genesisdreams has been down over the next couple of entries. I actually have some free time now (Wow!) so I’m going to endeavour to post as often as I can.