I’ve been trying to decide how I should go about filling in everything that happened during the past three months. I don’t want to focus solely on the past, as a lot of rather important stuff has happened recently. So what I’ve decided is that I’ll do it in stages, talk about what happening right now in my life, but interspace that (during the slow times) with tales of my recent history.
For the last couple of days I’ve been feeling pretty shit. I had a really big fight with my good friend Littlewing while we were out in the valley Saturday night. I was drunk, I was tired, I hadn’t slept properly since Thursday (having my last exam at 8am on Saturday morning) and overall I was really on edge. I had had a great day, it was good to finally get everything finished, but the night was a real downer. I feel bad too becuase we were supposed to be celebrating Calvin’s 21st birthday, but the whole night was subverted by our disagreement. I’m not going to go into the specifics, but I left feeling very hurt and angry and somehow managed to get home very very late. Things are getting better now, but for a while I felt as bad as I’ve ever felt.
I’m listening to the Gabriel Knight – Anthem Mix by Bart Klepka at the moment, it fits my mood perfectly.