Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair.
Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen.
Give me down to there hair, shoulder lenght or longer
Here baby, there, momma, ev’rywhere, daddy, daddy.
hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair.
Flow it, show it,l ong as God can grow it, my hair.

I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow. Why such a song and dance you ask? Well becuase I’ve currently got long, below the shoulders, hair and by the end of tomorrow… I won’t. I had short hair in highschool. We had to, it was a school rule, and for the most part I didn’t care. After I graduated and went on to Uni though, I just let it grow, and I’ve long hair (usually tied back into a pony tail) ever since. Now it’s time for a change! I leave for the UK in less than two months, I graduate from my BE in less than two weeks, and it’s time for me to start looking somewhat respectable again. I’ve forgotten what it is like to have short hair; I’ve forgotten what I look like with short hair. I hope I look good!
Meanwhile a strange, middle-age lady said that I had “wonderful hair” as I was getting off the train today. I get that from time to time, people admiring the colour of my hair. It had nothing to do with my plans to get my hair cut tomorrow, just a funny coincidence. I find it unfortunate though that the only people who seem to pay close attention (and actually comment on) the colour of my hair happen to be strange, middle-age ladies, and not the young and cute variety.
Anyway I may post a picture of myself post-cut, we shall see. In any case tomorrow certainly signifies a big change in the “me” that has existed over the past four years. I’m interested to see what this new me gets up to ^_^