When I started writing this blog I told all my friends about it. Its raison d’etre was, originally, to provide everyone with a constant stream of updates on my life when I’m half a world away. All my friends and family could just check GenesisDreams, see what I’ve been up to, add some comments, and be on their way. Then the blog went down for a number of months, and becuase I wasn’t updating anymore, nobody was checking the site. I’ve been back for a little more than a week now, but still nobody I know is reading my blog. The thing that is interesting is that I’m beginning to like it. I find that I am censoring myself less, knowing that my friends and family aren’t reading this.
But now they are; and that’s probably a good thing. I never intended for this blog to be a journey of self-discovery or any of that pretentious crap. I’m not trying to produce great writing to influence people, I don’t comment on world events or politics to any great extent, this is simply a blog about me, for people who know me to read. There are some things I wont talk about here because I don’t want the world to know about it, there are some things I wont talk about here because I don’t want specific people to know about it. That’s just the way it is. As always I’ll write what I feel like talking about, I’ll write what I think other people would be interested to read, and baring any unforseen events like my FTP going down and not being able to update, I’ll continue writing for some time yet.