My university results were released today. I did really well overall, but the best news my results contained was the 7 for my thesis project. For those who aren’t familiar with the way the grading works down here, a 7 is the highest mark you can get, a High Distinction, it then works its way down from there, 6 is a Distinction, 5 is a Credit, 4 is a Pass… actually I don’t really know what they call the grades under that. Anyway basically it means I did as well in my thesis as I could do. So I’m pretty damn happy right now.
Not that I was in any real danger of missing out, but my marks for this semester confirm that I’ll get First Class Honours when I graduate a week and a bit. My GPA isn’t fantastic, but it’s high enough to get first class honours, so that’s all I’m really worried about right now. I’m not even a part of the graduate recruiting scene this year (which is really the only place where your GPA and honours class actually matter, when you are competing for the few positions available at the top companies); I don’t have to worry about looking good for potential employers until the end of next year.
So that’s it, I didn’t fail anything, I don’t have anything else I need to do in order to graduate, and so one week today I’ll graduate! Yay me!

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