Well it’s summer, and for once I’m not working, and I’m bored, so I ran some stats on the data presented on this page.
There will be 161 people graduating from their BE on December 8th, of these there are 56 First Class Honours, 49 Second Class A Honours, 23 Second Class B Honours and 33 without honours.
I think that it is interesting that more than one third of us are graduating with first class honours, meaning that we maintained a GPA of around 6 or more. Engineers are a smart bunch of people, and I think this reflects that. It takes a lot of hard work to complete a BE; it’s exponentially more difficult that anything I’ve ever done in Business, both in the complexity and conceptual difficulty of the work, as well as the level of effort that the teachers expect you to put into your work. My business GPA is far higher than my engineering one, even despite the fact that I do a fraction of the work in business compared to engineering. So basically I’m saying that I’m proud to be an Engineer. It’s a tough course, which attracts a lot of really intelligent people who I’m proud to have worked with over the last four years, and overall I think we all did a great job.

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