Dance Freaks

My arms are sore.
I’ve discovered the fun that is Dance Freaks. It’s a DDR’esq game where you use your hands to trigger IR sensors instead of dancing on pads. Tonight, after a tortuous run on DDR where I took on Max300 and MaxUnlimited in one game, I played some serious DF, and I had a great time. It involves a totally different set of movements to DDR, but the concept of keeping the beat and moving in time with it stays the same. The biggest problem though is that I’m too tall for the machine, which means whenever I need to do one of the low “steps” I must bend down. This means that I’m bobbing all over the place during a difficult song. It’s great fun though, and I’ll probably play it a lot more now in the future.
I also gave Virtual Cop 3 a go, though I tried something different and played with the two guns. I put credits in for two players, and then played two handed. It was tricky to get used to (and I came to realise who bloody unrealistic it is when they do it in movies), but I almost got through the entire first level on my initial credits. I tended to favour my right hand, but a couple of times I did some awesome shots where two bad guys would appear on the screen and the same time, and I would shoot both straight away, one with my right hand, the other with my left. I must have looked pretty silly, but it was late, and only my friends were around so I didn’t really care. It was a lot of fun.
After that ads, nash, fragma, Wulfen and I went back to fragma’s place to watch some southpark, snooker, nakednews and family guy (not necessarily in that order), we had a few drinks, coughed our lungs out (we are all sick at the moment) and generally spread our illnesses everywhere. Like most things tonight it was also a lot of fun!
Now I’m home, I haven’t even started writing the conference paper I talked about a couple of weeks ago (*gasp*) and I think I shall go to bed.

4 thoughts on “Dance Freaks

  1. Okay – just saw your previous post about it. Duh. Maybe I have to look into Movable Type 😛 (Nah.. too lazy to leave Blogger).


  2. Heh, yeah I was just about to message you saying “look below!”. It’s a much more powerful system than Blogger, but of course it takes a lot more playing around to make the most of that power (laziness was one of the reasons it took me so long to move over, that and the fact that I needed to get Nash to set it up for me on his server.)
    Anyway I’m glad you like the new look. It’s going to stay this way for a while to come I think (laziness again! ^^)


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