One Month To Go!

On January 21st, 2004, at 8:30 PM I’ll fly out from Brisbane International Airport, on my way to the UK. Ostensibly I’m going becuase I’m enrolled in University over there and I need to finish off my Business degree. Of course I could have just as easily stayed here to finish off my degree (in fact that would have been the easier option by far, the amount of paperwork I’ve been doing recently is crazy!).
So why am I really going?

Yes that’s a very good question.

To be completely honest I don’t really know.
I think I’ve had lots of reasons over the past two years or so I’ve been planning this. I can’t remember what first triggered the idea, but ever since I got the urge to leave, I’ve never really looked back. Things came up from time to time that provide some reason to stay, and these reasons seem to by multiplying of late. I’m resolute though, deep down I know I’ve always been, that nothing short of my Mum dying would stop me going. But I still don’t know why I want to go. There is the desire for change, and that’s a big one for me, but that alone isn’t it. I want to broaden my horizons, become well travelled and worldly, that’s not it either. I want to be educated at a truly world-class university, but study is well down on my list of priorities for next year. I want to meet new people and at the same time part of me wants to escape from the people I already know. I’m going to miss terribly everyone I leave behind, but overall I think it will be good for me.
As sappy as it sounds…
I think I go to grow.
Maybe that’s a cop-out answer. In fact I’m pretty sure it is, however it’s the only think I can come up with right now. Next time I’m totally in tune with my feelings and emotions I’ll write an entry explaining them in full. Expect it sometime around 8282 AD.
So I don’t know why I’m going, but I don’t really care right night. It was a long process and it’s almost over. Well the leaving part is almost over, the living on exchange part has almost begun, and this next month is going to kill me with anticipation.
I hope that in a years time, when I’ve got some perspective, and my exchange is almost over, I can look back, read over this, and laugh to myself about how in the dark I was. I hope I’ll understand it then, and I doubly hope that the manner in which I gain that understanding over the next year is most enjoyable ^_^
This entry was written while listening to Art of Noise – Dreaming in Colour over and over again.

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