Room Key

I didn’t do very much today. It was so hot that I spent most of my time in the pool. I’m now all shrivelled up like a prune, but at least I stayed cool.
My bedroom is so bare. I’ve taken down all my posters, my wallscrolls, everything. All my ornaments are packed away, most of my books are gone, and there are hardly any traces of me left. I once thought that my bedroom was too childish, that I had held on to all of these things from my teenage years, and that I hadn’t really evolved very much from that time. In fact if you took a picture of my room 5 years ago, it would look (apart from being in a different house) very similar to what it looked like a couple of weeks ago. It’s like I have a “room signature” of sorts, which represents a compressed, summarised version of me. You could tell a lot about me by looking at the things in my room. Obvious things such as what books I like, the music I listen to, my hobbies, what clothes I wear, and more subtle things such as the way I organise my things, where I put important photos, and if I make my bed (that one can tell you a lot about my personality :P).
I don’t really spend much time in my bedroom; sleeping, reading, and that’s about it. I don’t “hang out” there, I don’t study there (my bedroom desk is usually completely covered in junk), and I don’t spend time with my friends there (they normally graffiti my stuff ^_^). Yet it’s full (or was full) of all of these things from my childhood and teenage years. Well not anymore. Most of that stuff is gone now, or boxed away. My room at Nottingham will be rather sparse (and very small compared to my current bedroom) but that will give me a chance to start afresh, to collect a whole heap of new stuff, and develop a new room signature for the new me.
And it’s almost time to go. I’ve been listening to The Scientist by Coldplay a lot recently (thanks Brendan for reminding me of it). At this exact time, two weeks from now, my plane will be taking off on it’s way to the UK.