Hey, this is littlewing doing a guest entry.
Michael has put this upon me and I don’t really want to coz I’m not into stealing anyone’s thunder or anything but here I am.
Michael and I had a pretty cool day together. We met up in town and did some final “things before going away” stuff. It was pretty strange for a while there because we’ve been arguing again. We seem to do a lot of that lately which is stupid because Michael’s going away and because we’re going to miss each other infinitely. I guess we analyse things way too much and should get on with just being friends rather than worying about whether or not we’re true friends.
God I sound like such a girl. Guys never write about this crap….
Anyway by the end of the day it felt like old times again… well sort of. I’m sitting here now among what’s left of Michael’s stuff that he hasn’t packed away yet, wating for everyone to come over and have a “going away drink” if it could be called that and it’s funny because even though I’m sitting here with all the stuff that’s going to be left behind, I don’t think it’s going to hit me that Michael’s gone away until I come back from my trip. I admit we don’t see each other a great deal and we don’t talk like we used to but he’s still one of my closest friends in the world. I just hope he remembers that when he’s a million miles away.
So I guess I’m already in a state of missing Michael and missing the past but time goes on, the world’s getting smaller and forever doesn’t really have to exist if people don’t want it to.

2 thoughts on “Missing

  1. Hey Mike – I’m sorry about last night, I think I might have done some pretty messed-up things while drunk…. I wrote dirty words in detergent and later mayonnaise all over your kitchen, and I think I also broke your fan. Well, I may not have broken it per se, but I think I probably helped. I also seem to remember having quite a long conversation with someone about Sweden. (?) Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your entry about the party….


  2. I’m reeling in existential turmoil as more of the night begins to come back. I was pretty fucked up. I don’t think I should drink vodka at parties. Or at all. I also remember finding a Mariah Carey CD of yours in the computer room. I think I tried to put that in the fan, which may have been what broke it. By the way: why do you own a Mariah Carey CD again?


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