I’m Going Back To The Start

It’s been an interesting last couple of days.
I’ve been multi-tasking recently. With such a short time to go before I’m off, I’ve had to make the most of my time as possible, which has meant that I don’t just hang out with friends, I get them to help me pack, or take some of my stuff, or go shopping with me. I haven’t had to time to just sit and spend some real quality time with most of my friends unfortunately, I spend time with them, but it’s normally while doing other stuff.
Saturday I went shopping with Littlewing in the city. We had had an argument the night before, but I don’t think it affected our day to any great extent. I’ve always been good at putting on masks, so though we hadn’t actually resolved anything (we never do), we had fun, and it was relaxing, just like old times. Whatever they are. We had coffee, I bought some jeans, Littlewing got an mp3 player, I picked up my plane tickets, and then we parted. More than half a day gone, just like that.
After saying goodbye to Littlewing I went to Colorado to meet up with Jacqui, who was in my Business Policy and Strategy group last semester. I had a lot of fun in Policy and Strategy, and one of the main reasons for that was that I was in a terrific group (it had to happen sometime in my four years of Uni). Anyway so Jacqui got off work and we went to have some coffee (she is trying to cut back, but I’m not yet ^^). We talked about going away and keeping in touch. Jacqui might actually be coming to the UK to live later in the year. I told her about GenesisDreams, so hopefully she will remember to check it ^_^. We talked for ages, and then suddenly she checked her phone and it had fourteen missed calls. It turns out she was supposed to be at a dinner for her brother who was just starting a new job (sorry for making her late mate). So we walked to the train station and said a hurried goodbye.
For the last couple of weeks I had been telling everyone to keep Saturday night free, because it was the last Saturday I had the whole place to my self and I wanted to do *something* in the way a going away party. There was little actual organisation, I just said, “Come to my place.” and left it at that. Those who cared came, those who didn’t… didn’t. About half an hour after I got back from the city Littlewing came over bearing gifts (in the form of chips and drinks).We had a chat and then I left her to write a guest entry while I went downstairs to welcome rurouni, ads and nash, who had all just arrived. This first thing I did was give them a heap of stuff (I was giving out presents at my own going away party!), stuff that I wanted, but couldn’t keep, that I knew they would find useful. The rest of the guys eventually showed up, and we all jumped in the pool. We were listening to 80’s music, and getting progressively drunk, and things got a little crazy. Somehow all my pool furniture ended up in the pool, and then something else was thrown in. The downstairs floor of my house was covered in water and there were wet towels everywhere. I was great fun!
After we graduated out of the pool, some pizza arrived (I have no idea where it came from) and then we moved away from the complete drunken craziness stage into a more mellow, contemplative time, where we sat around, talked about old times, and just hung out. Things had calmed down, or so I had thought. While I was off talking Gatsby, things got a little out of hand in my kitchen. I only discovered it well after the fact, and don’t worry Calvin, I thought it was pretty funny, no real damage done.
Oh yes, I actually own two Mariah Carey CDs. They were presents from my Aunt, who sent them over from Cambodia and really missed the mark when it comes to my musical tastes.
So the night ran down, people started heading off, or crashing for the night. I’ve missed out on a whole lot of what happened, but that’s good I think. Some things are better remembered in a happy haze, than in the harsh light of reality. I know some people thought they said some pretty messed up things, but overall I think it was a good night. Guys feel free to add your own comments (oh what you can remember) if you want.
So the next day I awoke to find Calvin had skipped out on me, I guess he didn’t want to face my wrath, and so I got to cleaning up. I was planning on dropping into a BBQ that Jacqui was holding before I went out that afternoon, but plans changed and I didn’t have enough time to get down to her place and back again (sorry Jacqui).
Now there is a week and a half before I go.

2 thoughts on “I’m Going Back To The Start

  1. Hey wigs, sounds like you had a great sending off, sorry I couldn’t be there as I was already off on my adventure. I didn’t really get to do the whole goodbyes thing properly which i do regret, but it seemed almost anavoidable. TIme as you would know seems to run out extreamely fast towards the end, I was packing my life for a year into a single backpack 1 hour before I had to leave home for the airport (in typical andrew fasion). We can only look forward and here’s to the goodtimes to look forward to, see you soon mate.


  2. Hey mate! I’m glad you arrived safely. I’ll be over there in less than a week, so send me an email when you’re settled and I’ll give you my address/phone number. I hope you’re having a terrific time, and I’ll see you soon.


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