I don’t know if I explained it here before, but the reason I’m doing so much packing and why I’m giving away a lot of my stuff, or throwing a great many things out, is that my mother’s selling the house while I’m gone (in fact it goes on the market the week after I leave). We three boys have almost all flown the coop now. Jeremy left a couple of months ago, I’m leaving now, and Eddie is due to move out soon too. A large six-bedroom house is just far too big for one person. So Mum’s selling up, and she is moving into the middle of the city, to an apartment at West End. She actually got a contract signed yesterday on the place she wants to move to, so she’s really excited. So my room will be gone by the time I get back, and mum won’t have anywhere to put my stuff. I’ve lived in big houses all my life, and consequently I’ve accumulated a heap of stuff. As of right now though, furniture aside, all of the possessions that I’m leaving behind fit into three small boxes. I couldn’t keep all my stuff, so I decided to completely start anew.