I’m here! Prepare yourself for a long entry people because I’ve got a story to tell.
Last Wednesday saw my departure from the land I called home for twenty-one years. Fragma drive me in style to the airport, and after checking in, I sat down to have a drink before I needed to go through security and immigration. Calvin and Apollo showed up, as well as Mum and my two brothers. We sat around and talked, took some photos, and then it was time for me to good. My other friends were supposed to show up as well, but I stupidly didn’t wait long enough for them, so I only got to see them from a distance after going through security. Thanks guys for coming, and I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to give you a proper goodbye. I really appreciate the fact that you all came down to see me off, it was about the best parting gift that you guys could give me.
The first leg of my flight was from Brisbane to Singapore (and you guys would have already seen my short entry below from Changi airport). It was fairly uneventful. I wasn’t tired, so I watched movies and played the multiplayer trivia computer game they had, which was a lot of fun, particularly because it told you the seat number of everyone else who was playing, so I would check out the competition while going to the bathroom.
After a forty-five minute stopover in Singapore I was on my way to Dubai. I slept on and off for this leg, but I also spent a fair bit of time walking up and down the plane. My back ached, I’m too tall for the seats, and my shoulders are too wide as well, so they stuck out into the aisle and got bumped whenever someone walked past. I was uncomfortable, but bared with it and eventually we made it to the United Arab Emirates.
I found my connection easily in Dubai, I just followed the English accents. Most of the people from my flight weren’t continuing on to Manchester, so I wandered around by myself for a bit before following my ears to the departure gate. There were babies crying on this flight, and people coughing, but somehow I managed to get more sleep this leg than the previous two combined. I was pretty stuffed by that point, so I needed the rest. The flight went smoothly and all of a sudden we were descending into Manchester. The captain announced that it was a cool seven degrees on the ground with slight rain. Fantastic. I put my coat on, got off the plane, and proceeded onto immigration. I was proceeded in less than five minutes, the only question I was asked was “What are you studying?”, my passport was stamped, and I was on my way…. Or so I thought. I had to go pick up my baggage next and that is a story and a half to tell. I’ve got to run off to a lecture now, so I’ll continue the story a little later.
It SNOWED last night!
Oh and I think I’ve still got this thing set on local Brisbane time. It’s 10:48AM here right now.

4 thoughts on “SNOW!

  1. well! owing to the fact that you are now doing something of interest i have to accept your blog as having a degree, a very limited degree, of legitimacy WHICH IS NOT TO SAY i heartily endorse this movie and/or product, that will come when you burn down big ben
    so, were i to say i’m happy to hear you got to britannia major safely and without cabbage, well, that would be a lie, but a well intentioned one. sorry about the botched sendoff, but in a sense it was somewhat fitting considering the highly organized nature of our group. i did briefly consider running through the dead zone to see if i could fetch you (figured you were probably still queing up) but did not particularly fancy being forced to leave the country with you (ah but the stories we could tell..)
    [it may interest you to know doug made an aggressive bid for the now empty post of king fattie not even 2 hours after your departure]
    anyway now that the circle is complete, i’ll look forward to your reports of decadent hedonism in the decaying empire – even if there is no downvote option. have a good one.
    ps – please remember to put aside 5 pounds. you’ll need it when you get back


  2. Good to hear your flight went well. I’m still dieappointed you didn’t go via Capetown. CAPETOWN! Hahha. Ah well. It’s also very cool about the snow, you lucky bastard. Conditions here are still hellishly hot, and we’ve had massive storms the last couple of afternoons. It’s been fun. The last week has, as per usual, been pretty crazy. I’ll email you later and tell you about it. Meantime, stay cool and have fun! Cheers, Calvin.


  3. Super Cabbage!
    While being deported in an attempt to say farewell would be a noble gesture, I appreciate that you guys showed up (and you’re right, it’s quite fitting considering our organsational skills).
    It’s stopped snowing so I’m happy. I’ll write more after the weekend.


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