Gummi Bears

Ok, it’s 3am in the morning and I’m pretty drunk again. We went out to a bar called Dogma tonight. It was pretty cool, though a bit expensive. Before that though we were sitting in the hall bar (where you can get 1.5 pound pints) and all of a sudden they started playing the Gummi Bear theme song.
Gummi Bears! Bouncing here and there and everywhere! High adventure that’s beyond compare! They are the Gummi Bears!
Anyway I had already put away about five pints by that point so it totally blew my mind. I’m having lots of fun here! ^_^

4 thoughts on “Gummi Bears

  1. Hey Mike. I just emailed you, but my roommate’s laptop froze up so I don’t know if it got through. Let me know if it didn’t get through and I’ll send it again.


  2. I also emailed you , but i just a fuckwit who cant you email software, so i sent it another 20 times just to make sure you got it


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