Second Day

I awoke in a strange (but incredibly comfy) bed. I’d slept for about 12 hours and was feeling pretty good by this stage. I went downstairs, with crazy morning hair, bits sticking up and out everywhere, and encountered Jessica and Emily, John’s two little girls. They were four and three respectively and they were quite freaked out by my appearance. Jackie made me a cup of coffee and I had some vegemite on toast (Aunty Marge and Uncle Eddie were over here from Australia for Christmas, so they brought a whole lot of it with them, even though you can buy it in the stores here). The plan for the day was quite laid back, we were going shopping in order to get me all the warm clothes I needed (I brought practically none with me), but we also had to wait around for the courier to arrive with my other bag (it had arrived from wherever it was last night). I gave the courier place a call and they could only tell me ”Sometime in the afternoon” but thankfully they came just after midday so then we proceeded to go shopping!
I got a big winter coat (with fur on the hood, which Jackie said was really “trendy”), some gloves a scarf and a couple of jumpers. John bought them all for me saying it was an early birthday present (he is such a legend). We wandered around for a bit more looking at stuff. Cut to that night, John and Jackie’s from Joe (Aunty Joe-Joe) arrived in a cab and we all went to a pub called Brass Monkey in Liverpool. It’s a place where all of John’s work mates go on a Friday (John’s a partner of a big law firm in Liverpool, so most of the guys there actually worked for him). Anyway I had some pints of Foster’s, played a heap of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” on this little arcade cabinet/ pokie-machine thing, where if you get all the questions right and win the million you get twenty quid. All of the young guys were standing around playing it, and we got pretty far a couple of times, winning a couple of quid back. I was hopeless at half of it though, because many of the questions were like “Which Arsenal player…” or “In which county is…”. All of the British-centric questions threw me completely. The pub atmosphere was pretty much like it is back home, just with a whole lot more people wearing jumpers and coats. I had a whole lot of pints of larger, and a few of bitter, but it really isn’t my cup of tea.
At about eleven we left to go to this place called Stop, because there was a live band playing, and Joe fancied the lead singer. Joe, John, Jackie, a guy called Fuzzy and I got a cab there, and it was pretty crowed when we arrived. The band had just started playing their set, so we went to get some drinks leaving Joe to sit right up the front next to the singer. We spent a couple of hours in this place, the music was good and the drinks were cheap. One thing that I couldn’t get over was how little the girls all wore. It was freezing cold, but most of them had extremely short skirts, and tiny little tops with not jacket. Totally nuts. Eventually we got a cab back home; minus Joe (she thought her chances were good with the lead singer). We got out at this fish and chips place where John and Fuzzy ordered kebabs. After inspecting the meat Jackie and I thought better of it, so we walked down to the Chinese place and ordered some food there, and then walked home across the street to wait for it to be cooked.
Once we got all our food we sat around talking and drinking and eating until the small hours of the morning, when we all finally decided to crash for the night (I was in the spare bed, Fuzzy slept on the couch). And so ended my second day in England.