Formal Dinner

We had a formal dinner here at Newark Hall last night. I didn’t bring a dinner suit over with me (for obvious reasons) so I borrowed Bruce’s dinner jacket (he was working that night) and cleaned up as best I could.
The warden gave a little speech, the JCR president gave a little speech, the JRC for next year was announced, and then we started to drink and eat! The food way nice, very nice compared to the standard fare that normally gets served up by the Atrium staff. The main course was lamb, and we had pavlova for dessert! I drank about half a bottle of £3 red wine which Jenny kindly shared with me and managed to score an extra dessert from Roy one of the Atrium managers who for some reason had taken a liking to me (so I always get extra servings of chips whenever I normally get food from him).
Funny moment of the night: A guy on the table across from us was taking a whole lot of pictures with his digital camera, he was pretty drunk and misplaced it and then started accusing everyone of stealing his new £400 camera. Security came up at one point to sort it all out, and even interrogated one guy who was being accused of stealing it. After about 20 minutes of this though, the guy reaches into his pocket and goes, “Oh sorry, my mistake, it was here all along.” Almost everyone on our side of the hall started laughing at him. Poor guy.
Anyway I didn’t rock on to the post-formal party afterwards. I needed some rest and recuperation. I’ve been running around with some things a lot these last couple of weeks, but I’ll do my best to keep posting regularly.

4 thoughts on “Formal Dinner

  1. Hahaha no he didn’t.
    He did walk away to the music of The Jesus and Mary Chain though after I gave his jacket back to him… or maybe that was just in my head.


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