XML -> ( (XSLT + CSS) + DTD ) -> HTML

I’ve spent about 8 hours so far today working on my “Internet and the World Wide Web” coursework. It’s the most work I’ve done since coming here. I started it today, it’s due tomorrow, and I’m almost done. Yay!
I’m procrastinating now, becuase I’ve finished all the hard stuff, the XSL, CSS and DTD stuff, and now all I need to do is write 1000 words about what I’ve done. I deserve a break though. I haven’t been too any of the labs for this subject, so I started from stratch this afternoon and storm learnt how to write XLS and CSS files to convert XML to HTML as well as how to write DTDs to validate the XML in the first place. The assignment was actually pretty tricky, a lot of non-standard stuff was thrown in there which meant I spent a lot of time trawling the net looking for hints. I get the feeling that all the little work-arounds that are needed to meet the requirements were discussed in the labs sessions. Oh well.
Anyway I had better get this report written. I’m heading down to London again this weekend and I’ll need my rest.

3 thoughts on “XML -> ( (XSLT + CSS) + DTD ) -> HTML

  1. When you’re in London, I think you need to ingest some MDMA, some DMT, then freebase some PCP – perhaps you could smoke some weed (for the THC) – before taking some LSD and waking up in a fountain. Then write 1000 words about the experience. I dare ya ^-^


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