Sunny England

Yesterday England graced me with some of the nicest weather yet. It was sunny, it was warm, and there was a cool breeze blowing, and it was the perfect weather for drunking some beers with your mates.
We set ourselves up in the Newark Quad next to the bar, and made ourselves comfortable. We got bins of ice from the bar, a whole lot of beer from Graemes room, and sat down to enjoy the weather. Most of the regular Notts Crew were there: Bruce, Graeme, Viki and Ben, Simon and Nikkie. We drank lots of beer, played some cards, kicked the football around, lay in the sun, and just chilled.
At about 6pm, after sitting in the sun for the past five hours, we decided to pick up our big cooler full of ice, water and beer, and walk it through the Atrium where everyone was eating dinner, our to the lake on the otherside to enjoy the last hour or so of sunshine. By this point we were all pretty drunk (in particular Bruce, Ben, Graeme and I were), so we threw Bruce into the lake.
Later that night we went to this house party being held by Bruce’s boss, Ross. We kicked around there for a little while before heading into town to a club called The Zone. I got home somehow. What a great day.