Memories Sugoi!

While digging through some of my CDs looking for University work from last year I came across some photos I scanned in at Wulfen’s place just before I left for the UK. There were from our Japan trip and they brought back memories galore.
They were all taken the second or third night we were in Japan. Sugoi invited us all out to dinner with him and some of his friends. It was a massive night, and we drunk a stupid amount of beer. I scanned in the receipt we got from the restaurant but I can’t find that picture, I don’t know if I ever got it off Wulfen (if you are reading this mate, can you email it to me if you have it). We were quite drunk when these pictures were taken; the girls in particular were almost falling asleep (though they had only had about one drink each).
Anyway so I decided to put the pictures up here. I realised that hadn’t really talked about the Japan trip much at all here, despite telling everyone that kept asking me that it was “on its way”. So anyway here is a little task of what we got up to in Japan.
The following are pictures of myself with Namoi, Noriko and both Naomi and Noriko. And these are pictures of the gang minus Naomi and the gang minus Noriko. Enjoy ^_^
Written while listening to “Michael” by Franz Ferdinand (sorry Al, I like the song, but I don’t think it’s particularly fitting for me ^_^)
Sorry I seem to be doing a lot of these picture heavy posts lately.