Pub Quiz

Last night we went down to the local pub, The Crown, for dinner and a couple of pints.
While we were there we got caught up in the Sunday night pub quiz! Now the English pub quiz is a very competitive game, and some of the old blokes in the pub didn’t take kindly to us yelling out the answers when we thought we knew them, or with the “comedy” answers we wrote on our answer sheet when we didn’t know. We didn’t win in the end, but that’s ok, we had a great time, and it was a good start to the week.
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  1. I thought i would write a comment considering you’ve only had 1 comment on the last 5 posts, but then i thought to myself…. nah , im too lazy.


  2. prttye godd – sorry – very good website Mychael nice to know you’re still alive and functioning – Mychaael in Australia


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