The OC

Over the last couple of days I’ve watched the entire first season (all 27 episodes) of The O.C. with Bruce. It started out as a form of procrastination. I didn’t want to do any study, so watching inane American dramas seemed like a good way to pass the time. By the end though I was completely hooked, we binge-watched the final 9 episodes in one night. I was wallowing in a sea of self-indulgence and I loved it. The show is cheesy, badly acted and has only average writing, but it’s got great music, some really funny/interesting characters, and is filled with fit women ^_^ It’s also really addicted, and I found myself getting completely drawn into the story (as clichéd as it is). I must admit that I was actually emotionally moved by the ending, it was so sad. I’m normally detached from everything I watch, but this got to me for some reason. Now I have to wait the whole summer until the next season starts. I want to see it now!
Just some general comments on the show. Seth is such a cool geek, he gives geeks around the world a good name. Ryan looks like a young Russell Crow. Anna is really cool, she makes a comment calling Marissa’s “Princess Mononoke”, that’s awesome! ^_^ Marissa is beauty personified. Summer is just insanely cute. Sandy is possibly the best father ever. I loath Teresa. The theme song is really catchy; singing it with Bruce at the beginning of each episode has become a ritual. We actually got in trouble for it last night, we were singing it so loud (and so badly out of tune) that one of the hall tutors came and knocked on Bruce’s door and told us to be quiet.
If you get a chance, watch this show. It’s not classic television, but it will keep you entertained.
Written while listening to the Ryan Adam’s cover of Wonderwall and Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah, on repeat, looping forever.