Anecdote Time

Just another little anecdote here. I’m stressed with exam preparation right now, and writing entries where I actually express my feelings is hard! So here is a little story to fill the time in…
Bruce, the Scot who lives next door to me, had £80 worth of food delivered to his window by Sainsbury’s (a big food shop). The store lets you order food online, and they will deliver it to you. We were having lunch and Bruce got a call on this phone, the food had arrived! We walk outside of the Atrium and we see this big Sainsbury’s truck parked in front of the hall. Bruce tells them to go round the back, and he goes inside, opens his window and the truck backs right up to it. We proceeded to unload the mountains of food out of the truck, through his window, and into his room. There was beer, chocolate, coke, more beer, some ham and bread and tinned stuff. We ate well that night!
Perhaps I should stop being so superficial. I’ll try.

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  1. what does URL mean?
    Nana says ” Be careful with European women (or women anywhere. When are you coming home? ”
    OC had better be good ( how meaningless is the word ‘good’ )
    mychael in the library


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