So, So You Think You Can Tell

A lot has been happening these last two weeks.
I’ve finished my exams. I had four over the space of three days, three of those over the space of thirty-two hours, but I survived. I didn’t do much study, I only need to pass, but I think I went well overall. Results come out on June 11th, so I’ll report on my success (or failure) then.
My exam preparation went a big askew for a little while there. Wednesday night (this is Wednesday last week), two hours after just finishing an exam, and having two exams the next day, I went and picked up my friend Morgs from the bus station. He had flown into London that afternoon from Budapest. We got a taxi back to Newark, then went down to the hall bar and proceeded to drink our way to closing time.
It was great to see Morgs again. He is the first person from back home that I’ve seen since coming over here. He’s been backpacking around South East Asia and Eastern Europe since graduating from UQ at the end of last year (he did Engineering with me). We swapped stories, talked about old times back home, what everyone was up to, and generally just had a really great reunion. Morgs had basically run out of money from all his travelling and now needed to find a job over the summer before heading off travelling again. He was going to stay in London while looking, but I said he could stay here with me for as long as he wanted. I managed to convince one of the cleaners to keep one of the unused rooms (some people have already moved out here) unlocked, so Morgs has a bed to sleep in, and I also got a spare catering card for him, so he gets free food too! ^_^
After we were kicked out of the bar we gathered some of the others and went back to my room for some more drinking. These rooms get cramped with that many people in them. In the end I kicked everyone out around two-ish because I really needed to do some study and then get some sleep before my 9am exam in the morning. Morgs and Bruce hit it off really well, and I could head both of them continue drinking in Bruce’s room for the next couple of hours after that while I was trying to study.
So Thursday came and went, I was hung over, tried, and woefully under prepared, but I think I did alright of my two exams that day. That signalled the end of exams for me! So of course we had to celebrate! Thursday night we went out to the Pitcher and Piano in the Lace Market, which is a bar housed in a converted gothic church. I didn’t have my camera on me, but here is an image of it that I found on the net. The place was fantastic, it by far has the best atmosphere of any bar I’ve been to in my life. At night, with the lights on, coming through the stained glass windows, I was bathing in brilliance.
The music was also really good too; this guy was spinning some very laid back mellow beats which suited my mood perfectly. He was so good that at the end of the night (when we were eventually kicked out because they were closing) I had to go up to him, shake his hand, and tell him what a great set I thought he had done. Morgs, Bruce and I were sharing pitchers of larger; Adam was drinking his cider, while the girls (Nikkie, Viki, and her sister Catherine) were drinking wine. We wandered through town a little bit afterwards before finally getting a taxi back home.
Friday I showed Morgs around the place, we went to the co-op, the pub, the library, and back again. Morgs spent the afternoon writing up his CV and applying for different jobs. I slept. That night we stayed in, drank in the bar, and played poker. We have progressed on from five card draw to Texas Holdem. £5 buy-in, no limit, play on until one person is left with all the money. It’s an exciting way to play. Either you walk away losing £5, or winning £30. After getting kicked out of the bar we went to the games room and continued playing there. I drank too much so I lost my money fairly quickly. Morgs cleaned up, and we were accused of being convict Aussies and organising it so he could come in and con everyone out of their case.
Saturday was Summer Party. The biggest party of the year, 9000 people, held on the downs in the middle of main campus. We started drinking around midday, the gates not actually opening until 2pm. There was a main stage, a dance tent and an R&B tent. There were also these bouncy castle things, with gladiator, bouncy boxing, and bouncy bungee jumping. I fought against Morgs, got a got couple of knocks but gave my own back pretty well. Drinks were cheap, the weather was great, and the music was good. The dance tent played the best music I’ve heard since coming over here. No cheesy crap there, just solid beats and a great atmosphere. Everyone was there, and though we got separated at different times during the night we always found each other again. The only crap thing was the closing time. On the tickets it say “2pm till late”, but late I had assumed at least 2-3am. No “late” meant 11pm. There was almost a riot when they stopped playing the music. A couple of guys half pulled down the big R&B tent. It was actually pretty hairy for a bit, with people pushing and shoving everywhere. I escorted the girls home (we had to walk from main campus back to Jubilee) and we finished up the night sitting in my room, with pizza we ordered in, drinking Morgs’ Hungarian wine (out of a plastic bottle) and lots of beer.
Sunday everyone took it easy. Sunday night we played some more poker, drank some more beer, but went to bed fairly early.
On Monday Morgs got stuck back into applying for jobs, while I caught up on all the stuff I had neglected during the exam period (unfortunately that doesn’t include writing in this blog). Monday night everyone went to the Works nightclub. It was Foam Party night, where they had supposedly the “biggest foam machine in the UK” pump foam out onto people on the main dance floor. We got there late so missed most of the foam, but there were a lot of people walking around in very wet cloths (the smart girls didn’t wear white tops; the ones they didn’t think ahead regretted it). With £1 vodka redbulls we proceeded to get very drunk, and because we were already wet, lots of half finished drinks were thrown. In the end we were just going up to the bar, asking for two pints of water, getting them, turning around and then throwing them all over someone. It was really crazy and I was expected to get thrown out any minute, but in the end the bar closed and the music stopped and we had to leave anyway. When we got back to Newark though it was raining, and Graeme got pushed into the moat. Bruce soon followed, with Ben, Viki, Zoe, and Cristina all going in as well. I took off my shoes and gave my phone and wallet to Simon because I was sure the guys would push me in too, but somehow I avoided it. The guys who went in smelt like crap, being covering in layers of duck shit. Zoe, who originally had a white miniskirt on, had a brown one when she finally pulled herself out of the moat.
It’s been pretty uneventful since then. I’ve been into town with Morgs, and (finally) visited Nottingham Castle, and a bunch of old pubs. We’ve played more poker, drank lots more, and generally had a good time. I’m going up north with Morgs for the weekend, and then I’ll come back down for me last week here at Newark next week while Morgs will continue north up to Scotland.
Summer is almost here and I’m itching to get away.
Did you exchange,
a walk on part in the war,
with a lead role in a cage?

Everyone should know what I’m listening to. It’s my cousin’s favourite song, and her husband can play a great rendition on his guitar. Of course you shouldn’t know because of that, you should know because of the lyrics.

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  1. so the big trip plan is to see all of the _bars_ in Europe, not actually Europe itself…? 😛
    and the answer to your question is, yup.


  2. Tell Morgs he should start selling magic mushrooms in London. It’s legal now, you know. Everyone’s doing it 😉


  3. This was taken after a night at the Depot – I was drunk as a bitch, dry-humped several of my female friends on the dancefloor and sincerely promised to move in with this Ross dude I met the week before. It’s about five in the morning here, and I’m at my friend Lou Lou’s house. She has a tradition of writing obscene things about her roommate in the medium of fridge magnets. I decided to help. This pretty much sums up what I’ve been doing with my life lately:


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