As requested by LittleWing, here are my thoughts on Paris.
I didn’t really like it at all actually. We spent three days there and those were the worst (and most expensive) parts of the trip so far. We stayed in the Woodstock Hostel, which is on the right bank near the Arc de Triomphe. It’s in a pretty good location, so we walked to most things, only getting the metro a couple of times.
Overall we did all the big things, spent a day seeing the big tourist attractions. Spent a day off the beaten track seeing the less touristy things, and spent every night out drinking at some place or other.
Overall I thought it was hideously overpriced (€7 for a beer in some places!) and not that exciting. I expected the cost, I didn’t expect the lack of fun or wonder at the sites and sounds.
The other guys have a worse opinion of it than I do. They’ve taken to referring to it as “Bleep” instead of mentioning Paris. I had fun there, but it just didn’t compare to Amsterdam or Berlin. I think we spent enough time there to see everything we needed to see, but I’m glad we didn’t spend any more time there.

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