Interesting Times

Wow. What a week I’ve had.
I am in Florence, and have been for the last six days. I love it here, I love Italy in general, but tomorrow it is time to move on. I am getting an overnight train to Bern, then am going to spend the week in Interlaken (and will catch the Swiss National Day festival/parade/fireworks that take place on August 1st).
But back to the week that was. Well it certainly has been eventful. Aside from the beautuful city itself, with the dominating Duomo and the wondeful Ponto Veccio, I’ve taken day trips to Pisa, wandered around under the Tuscan sun and drank far to much for my own good. In the last couple of days I have also been going to this club (“discoteque” here) called Space Electronic. Again, wow. I’ve got a whole lot of tales to tell, but some of them I really don’t think belong on a public site like this. Lets just say that I am having an amazing time.
I will probably not be commenting much in the next week or so. Internet access is expensive in Switzerland and I’ve got a lot to do. I plan to spend days in Bern, Geneva and Zurich while I am there. After that I am heading back up to Germany and will be spending some time in Munich. Access is cheap there so I’ll report back in when I get there.
I always want to live in interesting times. I miss my past, but I also can’t believe how much I have been missing out on living in that past. To quote a previous entry of mine:

“I have communicated, interacted, drank, lost, kissed, fondled, jumped, watched, hid, hit, missed, wallowed, yelled, run, listened, played, bled, shuffled, kicked, washed, fucked, talked, driven, fallen, tickled, tripped, worried, screamed, nodded, waited, learnt, enjoyed, shrugged, slept, dealt, spewed, ate, laughed, thought, hugged, tasted, read, dreamt, wished and longed with a frequency and ferocity far outstripping anything before…”