Beer, Beer And More Beer!

I am in Munich, where the beer flows like water. Last night, as I was sitting in the Hofbrauhaus, Munich’s most famous beer hall, having only just arrived in Munich a couple of hours earlier, I was amazed at how vital beer has been to me throughout this entire trip. I have been travelling since the beginning of June, yet I can count on one hand the number of nights I have failed to have a beer. Beer is a fantastic social lubricant, and when you rock up into a new town, the first thing you do is go down to the hostel bar, or the bar next to the hostel, or the massive beer hall down the road, and drink up with your fellow travellers. I would hate to try and work out exactly how many litres of beer I have drunk this trip, or the amount of money I have spent buying it.
It has been well worth it though.
I am slowing down. I travelled at a hectic pace for the first month. Moving from city to city every couple of days. Now I just want to relax. I am spending four, five, even six nights in some places (I stayed a massive eight nights in Florence, but there were other reasons for that). It is good to take your time sometimes though. I need the rest.

One thought on “Beer, Beer And More Beer!

  1. Long live beer, I say – or anything with C2H5OH in it – at the moment I’m fermenting plain old sugar with raw yeast – the yeast loves it (though it does appreciate a squeeze of lemon) – it ferments right out to a rather tasteless 10% alcohol – but bugger the flavour when you’re going for the effect.
    By the way, drunk or sober, the past and the future are illusions, created by the mental formations and thought of the present moment – so future material prospects (the future, eg London) are manifested always out of present-moment feelings thoughts and decisions. In this sense, the future is not real, is neither right nor wrong, just a resultant of present decision-making, with feelings (which occur in the present) the major guide. This doesn’t necessarily reduce the confusion and possibilities of available choices, but it does mean you are always free to change the choices thus making you always the architect of your own destiny, which in the final essence, the freedom of the present moment, is limitless. mychael


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