I have met so many fantastic people on this trip. The back of my journal is now filled with names and email addresses and phone numbers and contacts from people living all around the world. My name graces quite a few people’s address books too. It is a funny thing, we slide through each other’s lives, we talk, drink, and become friends sometimes over the space of just an afternoon, and yet there are so many people I feel close to that I’ve met on this trip. People who I want to keep in touch with, people who I want to come stay with me if they are ever in the area, or whom I want to go visit at some point. My mum told me she still keeps in touch with a lady who lives in Boston with whom she travelled Africa with thirty years ago. Those are the sort of contacts I am making. Life long bonds, forged in the fires of the travelling spirit. Some people I am sure I will never see again, but other’s I hope remain close forever.