Salzburg – Mozart Vs. The Sound of Music

I took a day trip out to Salzburg today. It is only a two hour train ride from Munich (yes I am still in Munich… leaving tomorrow) and I had a day to fill. It is a strange little town, which seems to vest so much of its tourist energy in two of its musical children, “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart” and “The Sound of Music”. It is quite disconcerting the manner in which recognition for the two seem to compete against each other in the town. Even though I was thoroughly indoctinated with the Sound of Music as a child (my mum loves it, but then, what mum doesn’t), I tend to side with Mozart. Which side do you fall on?

3 thoughts on “Salzburg – Mozart Vs. The Sound of Music

  1. wagner… lol… um myself i like beethoven best and then mozart but the sound of music can go and yodel its way out of existence as far as i’m concerned 😀


  2. What about Bach!
    He is my favourite. For some reason it seems like computer scientists and engineers tend to favour Bach.


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