Future Thoughts

I am travelling alone now; my friends from Uni left weeks ago, I am no longer meeting up with people I met at previous places, I have shed my last companion and now I am by myself. The consequence of this is that I have had a lot of time to think. There are two things I think about most often, my past and my future. Specifically what I have left behind and what I have to look forward to. At any point in time though my past is finite, whereas my future is full of endless possibilities. I have spent a great deal of time contemplating my past, and as young and naive as I am, and as arrogant and pretentious as this may sound, I have it all pretty much reconciled. I have let go of my burdens, dropped my grudges, relieved myself of my guilt and forgiven those who caused the hurts I carried. I understand my actions and my motivations. I have come to terms with everything is my past. At least I would like to think so. Perhaps I am deluding myself, but really, as much as I have thought about it, I can’t come up with anything that is left. I am not troubled any more. That’s not to say I was terribly weighed down by my past before, but we all have our little demons don’t we? I am sure I will gain more in the future, but for now I believe I have vanquished mine. It feels good.
So that leaves looking to the future… I am still working on that one, and will always be working on it, becuase it is ever changing, however there are a few things that I have decided.
First and foremost, I won’t be returning to Australia when I graduate. I fully intend in January next year to move down to London and start my professional career. I have been contemplating this for a while now, talked about it with my mum (Ed I know you read this, sorry if Mum didn’t tell you what I was considering) and it is what I want to do.
With that consideration out of the way it opens up another whole world of possibilities. I still have to think more on those, but I will do my best to report back here on what I have decided.
This has been the best summer of my entire life. It is the summer of my life. The memories I have formed during these last couple of months will stay with me forever and I will never be the same again. I can never have this same adventure, it has changed me, and for the better.
And before people ask, yes I am still in Münich, though I am getting an overnight train to Köln in a couple of hours and NO I am not drunk ^_^

3 thoughts on “Future Thoughts

  1. i guess all that i can say is i’m glad you’ve had the best time of your life this past summer and that you’ve worked out where you want to be in the future. hope i get to come to london one day to see you and have a (no many) beers 🙂


  2. The very best of luck to you Michael. Sounds like this summer has been an incredible experience for you – and it should be. You earned it.


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