AmeCon to Edinburgh

I went to AmeCon on the weekend. AmeCon is the UK’s largest anime convention, with close to 1000 people attending. I am also heading up to Edinburgh tomorrow to catch the end of the Fringe Festival.
I really should write more, but I haven’t slept since Saturday night and so am very, very, very tired. I blame drunken cosplaying fangirls.

3 thoughts on “AmeCon to Edinburgh

  1. Oho! You’ve reminded me that Supanova will be on soon and I should actually go this time, now that I have my new camera :). Go go cospay pervert, go go.


  2. This is me & my bitches. I’m only in the second and third ones of these…. The one where I’m sticking my tongue out looks a bit evil. And the big blurry thing in the second lot is actually my head resting on the glass bit of the photobooth.


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