How To Travel With A Salmon

I have been really slack in updating lately. Sorry about that everyone. I have had to time to update, I’ve just been doing so much recently that I haven’t had the energy to sit down and write all about it. I will catch up soon. I will be moving into my new place in a week, so if I don’t post a big Fringe Festival and after review before then, it will likely be a couple more weeks before I get the net hooked up and everything organised for me to post properly again. I will get around to replying to all the emails I have been sent too… Sometime ^_^
Oh yeah, I’m reading some Umberto Eco and listening to lots of Faithless.

3 thoughts on “How To Travel With A Salmon

  1. Nice. I’m fucking jealous that you’re going to the Fringe Festival.
    You should get a copy of / download Miss Kittin’s album ‘I Com’. Musically it’s a bit like Aphex or Bjork, but tonnes better, and her vocals kick fucking ass.


  2. I’ve already been Calvin! It finish the weekend before last! I’ll do an Edinburgh Revisited post soon.
    I’ll check out that album too, it sounds great. The reason I’m listening to a lot of Faithless right now is that they are coming to Nottingham in December (I think they are coming to Brisbane in October) and I am going to their concert.


  3. um… just ignore that. it might have something to do with all the crack I’ve been smoking lately 😉
    anyway, I’m glad you had a good time and I’m still fucking jealous. track down the kittin and also anything you can find by soulwax…. they’re a belgian band, and I suspect you’d really like em
    til next time dude/
    and remember, we are all blind cave fish in the uteris of love


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