Edinburgh Revisited

I’ve moved into my new house! It’s great! I will write more about it soon.
First though I want to go back to Edinburgh, because if I don’t do it now I never will. So, a couple of days after I got back into the UK, I got the train up to Edinburgh to meet up with Bruce and check out the tail end of the Fringe Festival. It’s a long train trip up from Milton Keynes, about six hours in total, but I dozed on the train and the trip went rather quickly. Bruce met me at the train station and we walked down to his place, I dumped my backpack, and then we promptly went out for a beer. That set the tone for my stay in Edinburgh. Bruce showed me around the pubs and bars of the city and we got drunk… quite a lot.
We also were being quite cultured at the same time. Surrounded by the Fringe it is hard not to, with performances of all types happening in all corners. We saw trapeze acts, an assortment of jugglers and acrobats, a number of theatre troops, singers, dancers and all sorts of other musicians, comedians, mimes, and the just plain bizarre… and this was all just down the Royal Mile. I stayed up in Edinburgh for about a week, and during that time managed to catch bunch of different shows; standup acts, dramatic performances, live music, and some that were a cross between them all. Some shows we had planned to go to, Bruce’s parents had organised tickets, or we saw a performance in the street and decided go to the show afterwards. Another time I was sitting in a bar called “Under” something at about 1AM and this guy gave me a free ticket to see a two hour standup comedy set featuring four different comics. I was really pissed at this point, so everything seemed funny, but I think it would have been hilarious sober as well. Bruce couldn’t direct us home that night (too drunk), so we ended up getting a taxi back to his place, cooking pizza in his oven and falling asleep on his floor. Good times.
I met up with Morgs while in Edinburgh (I’ve talked about him here before). He was working as a driving for British Telecom, trying to save some money and enjoying Edinburgh and the festival at the same time. It was good to see him again and swap stories. When he first came to visit he was very much the seasoned traveller, while I was still a relative newcomer. After my summer trip though we had a lot more travelling stories to compare and advice to swap. He asked about everyone back home and I had to admit to him that I didn’t really know much about what is happening with them. I updated him on Jimmy the Hacker (whom I only found out about via Ads) and gave him a brief overview, but couldn’t do any more than that. We had a few drinks, caught up, and then he went home (he is living with four Polish guys in a 1 bedroom flat somewhere for £20 a week, or something like that).
A few days later I went “home” too. Bruce was flying out to Dubai, the Festival was winding down, and after ten weeks of constantly being on the go, I just wanted to sleep. So I got the train back down to Milton Keynes (it took eight hours to get back!) and slumped asleep at my cousin’s place. My cousin, her husband and her kids were all on holiday down in Cornwall, at the beach (what constitutes a beach in this country) so I had the house to myself. I made the most of it and spent almost three full days either in bed, or in front of the TV watching DVDs (my cousin had the most awesome DVD collection). It was bliss.