Campus Jubilee

Way back in the beginning of June, my friend Morgs came to visit me at Uni (you can read all about it here). While he was here I got him to write a guest entry for GenesisDreams. It was never completed, and it has been sitting on my desktop gathering virtual dust all summer. So, in an effort to keep updating regularly, even though I am too slack to write something myself, here is a very late, only partially finished, guest entry from Morgs.

Life at Wigs’ joint is comfortable, eventful and well… sometimes difficult to remember. Upon arrival on Wednesday night over a week ago I was treated to some rare hospitality in the form of a warm English welcome – a few beers at the local campus bar. Situated no further than thirty meters from Wigs’ room ‘the BAR’, as it is known, is the place where all the action begins. The lively, youthful crowd populates the place at 7:30pm upon opening and disperses well before 11pm when it closes. That’s right – it closes at 11pm. In fact, all bars and pubs in England close at 11pm. That’s why there is such a raging club scene.
It didn’t take long before I was shown around. On Thursday, we visited the Pitcher & the Piano, a pub located inside a church. Some may claim it’s sinful, others may say it’s a stunt for cash, but between the chandeliers and the stained glass windows, all enclosed in an enormous stone chapel, the Pitcher & the Piano is quite simply the most grandiose place I’ve ever spilled beer in. On Monday, the UK’s largest foam machine made a stop at ‘The Works’, a multi-room, seven-bar nightclub packed full of fit chicks with wet t-shirts. Order five shots of vodka with redbull (it comes in a pint glass) for five quid and sip this while enjoying watching everyone on the dancefloor being irregularly squirted by foam guns. Afterwards, dance to some well mixed club music on any one of three dancefloors. On Wednesday, the crowd from the BAR…
A free bed, a free catering card and a few free drinks here and there have made my stay at Nottingham both comfortable and remarkable. Mind you, it still wasn’t cheap; Between the pound-fifty drinks, the 16 pound ‘Summer Party’, and the endless poker games (all at my expense), Nottingham has so far proven to be one of the most expensive places I’ve stayed.

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