Education, Apparently.

I have finalised my timetable for the semester, and it is woeful. I have ten contact hours a week, which is a fraction of what I did back home, and I have two full days off as well! It’s crazy, I have more free time now that I know what to do with. If I was here to learn I would be annoyed, however I am here to have a good time, with learning as a secondary objective, so I don’t really mind. I am sure I have ranted about this before, but looking at my final timetable it is all the more obvious.
I am studying five subjects this semester, four that I need to do to finish my course, and one because I just wanted to do it. The funny this in that my “extra” subject gives me more contact hours (and will involve more work) than any of my other subjects. Oh well.
The subjects I need to do include The Internetworked Organisation, Financial Management, Computer Security and Digital Business Communication. They are all pretty standard, easy subjects.
I am using my free elective to do a subject in the Japanese language. This subject is actually a lot more hardcore than I expected. I am really enjoying it though, and am learning a lot.
Overall this will be a fairly easy final semester of University. It’s about time too!