Ocean Of Dancing Bodies

We went to Ocean, one of the best clubs in Nottingham, last night. It was rammed, packed full of students, getting blathered and dancing the night away. The club scene here in Nottingham is very different to that back home. They don’t play real dance music here, or at least not at the majority of the clubs. Instead they play “cheese”, 80’s pop songs, Bryan Adam’s, the Baywatch TV Theme, crap. Last night they only played two decent tracks, Underworld – Born Slippy and Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400. Thankfully they were played back to back, so we all raced onto the dance floor and got in a good period of proper dancing. The cheese came back afterwards though. I liked clubbing back in Australia. We didn’t go nearly as much as I would have liked, but when we did I had a lot of fun. Clubbing here is more about drinking and pulling than enjoying the music and dancing. Not that I don’t like drinking and pulling, it’s just that I can do that at a bar if I want to (see Tantra on Tuesdays). I go clubbing to dance. I like dancing to good music. People dance at Nottingham clubs, but they dance to crap, they will cheer when Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child Of Mine comes on. Everyone has fun, which is good, but I can’t wait till I go back up to Liverpool to go out clubbing, maybe go out to Southport with Graeme and Ben, or down to London and do the Ministry of Sound thing with Anna and Sarah. I need good music. I need a good dance scene. I simply need to dance!

5 thoughts on “Ocean Of Dancing Bodies

  1. um, are you or are you not the guy who uses to have a massive poster for Guns N’ Roses ‘Use Your Illusion’ on your bedroom wall?
    meanwhile, I’ve finished your mix cd, I’ll post it off soon
    we are all blind cave fish in the uteris of love


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