I am current listening to the DJ Tiesto set from Homelands 2002 and it’s fantastic, but that’s not the reason for this entry.
It’s almost 5am, and I am not asleep. I have full day at Uni tomorrow, or rather today, it’s my only really full day all week, yet I am not asleep. Instead I am talking to Jimmy, back in Australia. I haven’t talked to him in months! It feels like forever. I don’t want to go to sleep, because I am enjoying catching up so much. I also want to break my nocturnal cycle, go a full night without sleep, so I will feel so tired the following night I go to be early, and thus wake up early… but that’s a different story.
Jimmy is telling me about his girlfriend. I’ve never met her; at least I thought I’d never met her. Somehow though she knew me. Jimmy showed her my picture and she recognised me. Apparently I am the only redheaded guy who lived in Sandgate (I find that hard to believe) but anyway she remembers me coming into the Chinese shop where she worked and buying some food. She even remembered me being with my grandfather. The thing is, I remember that event, I remember getting the Chinese with Pa that time and I remember noticing that the girl who served us was really cute. So we had met, we just didn’t realise it. Anyway good on you Jimmy, I am really happy for your.
We talked about other stuff too, about what I’ve been up to, and about our futures. It made me realise how much I missed talked to my friends back home. I’m sure I’ve said similar things before, but I have such good friends back in Australia, and it’s always great when I get a chance to talk to then. My friends over here are great too, but we just don’t have the same kind of history together.
At the same time as I am talking to Jimmy on IRC, I am trading emails with Fragma while he is still at work. Now I really need to catch up with Fragma properly. I have so much to talk to him about email just can’t cope with it.
Maybe I am just in this mood because I am listening to trance at 5am in the morning .
I can’t get no sleep.

3 thoughts on “Homelands

  1. you should download First Album by Miss Kittin & The Hacker
    I’m listening to it w/ Doug and Kristy right now, it’s da bomb baby
    “Motherfuckers are so nice…”


  2. I don’t go to the Chinese any more in Sandgate because I’m so fearful of what they get up to in the kitchen – I don’t expect you wanted to know that – mychael


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