International Rules Football

I am going to Ireland this weekend!
I am going to Dublin to be more specific to see the Aussies play the Irish in a game of International Rules Football, which is a sort of mix between Australian Rules Football and Gaelic Football. Though of course that’s really just the excuse to go, the main reason is of course the drinking and partying. Dublin is renowned as a party capital and we are certainly going to make the most of it. This is definitely a boys only weekend (or long weekend really, we don’t fly back until late Monday night) and I am sure we’ll get up to all sorts of trouble. I’m going with my cousin and a lot of his friends, and there will be a good mix of Australians and Irish in the group, with a few English stuck in the middle. Whatever the result of the match we are bound to have a fantastic time and I really can’t wait. I’ve never been to Ireland before and I am looking forward to adding that to my list of places visited as well.
I’ll tell everyone all about it when I get back. Or maybe not, because as the saying goes, what happens on tour, stays on tour ^_^

3 thoughts on “International Rules Football

  1. sounds like it’s going to be amazing michael. just watch out for leprechauns… oh and scary football hooligans 🙂


  2. oh yeah, i hate midgits , and fat people. Like that woman on the bus that time …. you remember dont you… laughing away with me


  3. Yes I remember! She slid right out of her seat. We were right behind her, on our way into the city to buy Dark Reign.


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