Good Luck!

Good Luck! is a 10 episode Japanese mini-series about a Japanese pilot who has just got his wings. Nash recommended it to me, and truth be told, I loved it. I don’t know what it is about J-Drama but it’s addictive in a way that is completely different to western shows. The plot was interesting, the characters engaging, and the ending theme song was cool too. Also it was strange to see Shibasaki Kou as Ogawa Ayumi, last time I saw her she was killing people in Battle Royale!
Anyway having actually almost mastered my katakana and hiragana now, I found I could pick up a lot more while watching the show, I could actually read sings, thing written on bits of paper, the karaoke lyrics at the end of the show to go along with the theme song. I also found my comprehension of what they were saying to be a lot better. My vocab is still pretty much nonexistent, but now that I have a greater understanding of Japanese grammar I could at least make more sense of the sentences and understand why things were said the way they were.
I did mention I was studying Japanese as one of my subjects this year didn’t I?