Hackers Of The World Unite!

One of the subjects I am studying this semester is Computer Security. In fact it’s almost the only thing I’ve been working on at Uni lately. I’ve split my time pretty much between it and Japanese. My other subjects can wait until swotvac, I’ll do revision for them then.
Anyway the coursework for Computer Security is a lot of fun. We each get given a computer in an isolated lab. We then have four weeks to set up a number of services on it (SSH/SFTP/Webserver) and make it as secure as possible. After that initial setup phase we have a four week “LIVE” phase, where pretty much anything goes and the aim is to hack into a bring down as many computers as possible. No physical attacks are permitted, and we aren’t allowed to do denial of service attacks either, but other than that, everything is fair game. So far my computer has fared really well. It’s stood up to all attempts to break into it (well those that I know about at least) and the services run as they should (most of the time). The fun really isn’t in securing your own system though, it’s in hacking other people’s. Having a stable and secure machine as a starting point to hack from helps, but I’ve personally put most of my energy into attacking other people.
And it paid off.
This afternoon the poor little box at was penetrated and…
I know whose machine that IP belongs to, and trust me, they deserved what they got. I am not going to go into how access was gained (because it’s long winded and a little complicated) but the end result was their box being totally trashed, everything deleted, forcing them to do a full rebuild. Oh the joy!
I shouldn’t be getting so much pleasure from causing a lot of trouble to other people, but I do. It’s so much fun. The thrill you get when you gain access is fantastic. It’s such a rush! You know you might be noticed at anytime, that your connection may be shut down. You are working against the clock, and you want to do as much damage as possible. I think I’ve awoken my inner sadist. It was far far too much fun inflicting all that pain. They will need to spend hours and hours rebuilding they machine now. Poor them.
Anyway I think I got a bit carried away. It was worth it though and I learnt a lot.
Hackers of the world unite!
Note: All the hacking involved in this course is done so as part of the curriculum and is authorised by the University. We are only allowed to hack in a special lab and it is isolated from the rest of the world. What we learn to do is illegal and no I don’t do it outside of the labs.
Listening to Orbital – Halcyon & On & On off the Hackers soundtrack. Of course.

3 thoughts on “Hackers Of The World Unite!

  1. – joy in revenge – pain to your enemy –
    now they’re really systems worth hacking in the great machinery of karma
    (otherwise you end up with a hacking cough)


  2. Hehe thanks for the advice Mychael, I keep that in mind ^_^
    And I’ve been off the caffine for weeks now Fragma!


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